Phase I: Youths & Fundraising

We started with a simple matching mechanism for Phase I.

50 changemakers (all under 35) were activated to raise as much funds as they could within a three-month period end of 2014 for IPC-charities (80% of them lesser-known and not as well supported) in Singapore.

Whatever they raised would be matched 1-for-1 by a corporate (think financial institutions, SMEs and foundations).

This total would then be matched AGAIN 1-for-1 by the government’s CARE-AND-SHARE movement bringing the total amount to 4 times of what the changemaker has raised.

Phase I: Results

50 Changemakers and 61 Corporates came together to raise a whopping $3.6 million for 42 IPC-charities in Singapore.

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We’re trying not to be too wordy here so here’s an infographic of our impact assessment for Phase I: