We’ve decided to rejig the mechanics of Phase II a little after feedback from our changemakers and charities from Phase I.

Phase II is a curated list of 50 independent projects led by a group of 50 project leads.

Project leads (artistes, young entrepreneurs, small businesses, design firms, restaurants and individuals) have the freedom to design their own project scope with raising awareness & creating tangible outcomes as its primary objective. This means that each group will sit down with their chosen charity, decide how best they can support the different functions of the charity by setting achievable goals for the 8 month period (July 2015 – March 2016)

We also believe that raising funds is key and we’ve decided that as a team, 50 For 50 will be finding 50 Corporates to pledge $10,000 per project – this money will go directly to the charity and also be matched 1-for-1 under the CARE-AND-SHARE movement.