Hello! We’re 50 For 50!

50 For 50 was conceived over a good old cup of “tehbing”. Co-founders Rebekah and Cheryl (that’s us!) wanted to do something different, something unexpected – we wanted to change mindsets and do good, giving it forward in the best ways we knew how.

We strongly believe that one can leverage on their own skillsets and creativity to do great work for charities in Singapore. You could be a designer, a hairdresser, a doctor, an engineer or a restaurateur and still do amazing work for charities that may not have the resources or funds to sustain the great work they do for their beneficiaries.

50 For 50 is about pooling resources, ideas, networks, skills and people together to create a positive change in society.

We want to provide every day people with the opportunity to give CHANGE a CHANCE.

Find out what we did for PHASE I!

Find out what we’re doing for PHASE II!