Cherie Toh
Human Resources
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Healthserve Ltd
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Who are you? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I’m generally a happy person who appreciates the little things, loves to see the world and bring my camera along with me. I have been blessed with an amazing family and great friends; they give me the strength and energy to always try to do more and be better.

What’s your story? Tell us about a life-changing incident.

I was at a hawker center in Singapore finishing up a meal, leaving a couple of mouthfuls of rice on my plate because I was full. A dishevelled man came up to me, gesturing if I was done so I nodded – he proceeded to gobble up my rice. This caught me off guard and left me in shock, and he walked off before I could react.

It made me realize how blessed I am and that I sometimes take that for granted.
And that there is so much more that can be done to help others in need, it could be a simple act like buying someone a meal and that these don’t necessarily have to be big, grand gestures all the time.

Why 50for50 and why now?

I think it’ll be a great opportunity to use the 50for50 platform to spread the word and contribute to a good cause I believe strongly in. With all the support and publicity, I’m also hoping this will not be a one-off fund raising event but will help drive a mindset change through a multiplier effect as well.

I’m a strong believer that if you want to do something, there’s no better time than right away.

What gets you up in the morning?

The belief that every day is a brand new one, which brings with it the chance to do something different or learn something new.

Why this cause out of so many causes?

My family’s in the construction business, so it’s something very close to my heart because over the years I’ve come to know of the life stories and personal struggles of many migrant workers who like us are someone’s parent, sibling, child or friend.

Any experiences with charity or non-profit work before?

My parents always tried to inculcate giving back and helping others. For the past 10 years and more (I lose count), my family and I have been involved in an organization called the Helpful Care Group which supports senior citizens who mostly live alone and might require financial assistance as well as care to ensure that their basic daily and medical needs are met. Last year, I was also an English tutor at the Changi Women’s Prison.

What kind of change are you looking to bring about as a changemaker?

I’m looking to bring about a change in mindsets and perspectives toward migrant workers, promoting appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices they have made, for example, leaving their families behind in order to make our homes a better place to live in. I hope to do this by making migrant workers visible, enabling locals to relate and realize that they too have families, friends, passions, dreams.

What is your big idea on how to raise funds for 50for50?

My idea is two-fold; on one hand I plan to encourage cohesion between locals and migrant workers at the fundraising events. At the same time, the idea is to promote HealthServe to the migrant workers so that they are aware of the resources available to them particularly in times of need.