The Hello Kitty Run

November 4, 2014


Changemaker: Russell
Charity: Singapore Cancer Society

Changemaker Russell’s choice of charity is Singapore Cancer Society. It is a cause he truly believes in as almost everyone he knows has a family or friend that is affected by it. Russell knows that medical treatment is expensive and he hopes to help in any possible way he can! Being the creative director with itselementary co, Russell does have some unusual fund-raising ideas! Watch out for his events!


The Hello Kitty Run?! Didn’t know Russell was a fan of it! The folks from Itselementary seen warming up all set for the run!

02The guys spotted at the start line by one of our Social Co members! They certainly look ready to go out all the way, burning the route and putting the fellow competitors to shame.

03What outlandish attire! High purple socks? It does cramp some style there! Thanks for being a sport guys and showing your support to Singapore Cancer Society. Kudos to the finishers of the grueling run!

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