Makan Makan!

December 6, 2014


Changmaker: Debby Kwong

Charity: Home Nursing Foundation

Changemaker Debby held a food event at The Sultan Hotel yesterday. It was a nice cosy event with cafes and eateries whipping up food and desserts for a truly amazing gastronomic experience! We would like to thank all the food lovers and donors for coming to  the event and to Debby, thanks for organising the event and your efforts as a 50for50 changemaker!

A special shout out to all the vendors for offering support and be part of the movement, giving change a chance.

Greatest appreciation to the following: Artichoke cafe & bar, A for Arbite, SPR MRKT, Propaganda, Hombre Cantina, The Bravery Cafe, Morsels, Second Helpings, Kenny Huang, Felix Chong, Floral magic Flowers & Gifts and Yi Lian.



A day before the event, we got some media coverage!

Mark from (A for Arbite) whipping something interesting right up.


I would devour this in a matter of seconds. I’m sure you would too. It looks absolutely delicious!


Director of SPRMKRT Sue-Shan.


Some healthy white chocolate brownie with dried apricots and pistachios? A delicious treat specially made less sweet to cater to the elderly! Thank you SPRMKRT for being part of this amazing event.


Sweets treats from The Bravery!


Burnt Cheese Chicken Quasadilla! It’s worth queuing for!


The folks from Hombre Cantina! Chefs for the delicious Mexican food.


The Har Cheong Gai Burger by SPR MKRT was quite a hit! I can understand why. =)



Beenut Butters by Second Helpings!




Woooo…. The menu by the Artichoke looks amazing. What?! Chicken skin sundae? That’s sounds weird till you try it. It was amazing! A great recipe indeed.


Great food should come with great music and that will be the perfect combination. Thanks thevanfaith for the unplugged set!



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