Sean for APEX

November 17, 2014


Changemaker: Sean Yeo
Charity: APEX Day Rehabilitation Centre for Elderly

Changemaker Sean Yeo charity of choice is APEX Day Rehabilitation Centre for Elderly. Sean hopes to raise funds for APEX for the charity to upgrade their existing infrastructure to support more patrons as well as for the organization to conduct more life counseling sessions. APEX hopes to keep the elderly active and giving them a transformative experience throughout their golden years! We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Men’s Room for the venue and drinks sponsorship, and that gave us a chance to drive away our Monday blues with an awesome chill night of a good combination of drinks and music. A shoutout to all event goers, thank you for your generosity in supporting Sean’s cause! Watch out for Sean’s next event where he will be doing a sing-off with Changemaker Rebekah and Gerald at Wala Wala on 3rd December, 8.30pm till late!

01So we were told that Sean had a voice of Frank Sinatra! We weren’t sure so we put him to the test! It was a dazzling performance no doubt!

02Meet Kapi (left) and Melissa (right), the people behind the Hello Stranger photo booth! We would like to thank Hello Stranger for playing their part for APEX, bringing us photo memories with wacko props!

03Rebekah (middle, Co-Founder 50for50) playing her part with her trademark sunglasses half-down pose, with Jay Hutch (left) looking super fly and Mark (right) with his fake Movember!

04Changemaker Sean Yeo and Rebekah! Do continue to show your support to the 50for50 movement which ends 31 December 2014! Let’s give change a chance!

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