Si Xue for Rainbow Centre Singapore

November 15, 2014


Changemaker: Si Xue
Charity: Rainbow Centre Singapore

Changemaker Si Xue’s choice of charity is Rainbow Centre Singapore, providing developmental curriculum for children with special needs. Having a tutored a child whose sister was a child with special needs, the family eventually migrated to Australia as they were unable to enroll her into a special school here due to a long waiting list. Recognizing the need to expand special needs education, Si Xue has came on board the 50for50 movement. Si Xue has many interesting fund-raising ideas! Keep a lookout for them! First up, the popiah party! Yums!

01Si Xue (right in pink), master chef of the day! Tasty popiahs served throughout the day!

02The beef stew looks amazing! Nope! Tested and proven, a perfect complement with the hot tasty popiahs by Chef Si Xue, potentially be Michelin accredited!

03Behind the scenes of popiah preparation! Excuse me, I would like 100 servings of that yummy stuff! I’ll worry about the weight later! It’s irresistible!

04Sweet treats to end the day! How far would you go for these delicious looking cupcakes?

05More freshly baked sweet treats! Just got to show you all these amazing desserts and snacks!

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