The Wala Wala Singoff

December 9, 2014


Changemakers: Sean Yeo, Gerald Tay and Rebekah Lin

Charities: APEX Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly, St Andrew’s Cathedral Home for the Aged, Caregivers Alliance

Mid-week beers and great live music band, what can get better than that? Changemakers Rebekah, Gerald and Sean collaborated on a joint event and organised a night of great music and drinks! The atmosphere was awesome and it was a great way to just chill and unwind from the hectic pace of work. We would like to thank Wala Wala for their generosity for donating 20% of profits that night. Not forgetting our local talent, Pennylane for the dazzling performances and keeping us entertained till late. Check it out!



The 3 individuals behind the awesome night of beers and music! They tell you they can’t sing for nuts. Don’t be fooled by them.


Co-Founder Rebekah and one of the organiser for the night with her opening speech. It’s been a job well done by she and her team for raising funds at such a scale. It’s truly commendable.


Oh look! #faceitfwd went mobile and had a station there. Do continue to show your support for the movement. Simply take 10 shots of the most unglamorous face you can show and make it into flipagram (app) video. Remember to include #faceitfwd #50for50sg. Do donate $10 via as a mini X’mas present for your friends and dare them to take up the challenge! Winning entry stands a chance to win and iPhone 6. I would love that!


Penny lane lead singer/guitarist and drummer preparing their tools of trade to rock the house!


Here are the charities lead team members (Tammy, in green and Shantal, with back facing) from the 50for50 movement! They too have come to support the event!


The bass guitar, arguably one of the most important instrument in a live music band set up especially for jazzy tunes! Thanks Mr Bassist for dedicating your night to the event.



Well, he was told that he sounded a little like Frank Sinatra! And he really did!


Here’s Gerald with his segment and his phone. Nope he wasn’t reading work emails. Thumbs up for the great effort to fund raise for your charity.


Wow! Too much emotions in the facial expression there. But you know what they say, when you sing like that, you are probably one of the best out there!


Look dropped by to support his fellow changemakers? Thanks Nathan Hartono for coming down to show your support. Well, he didn’t know he would be “sabo-ed” to go on stage! A great sport indeed.


Some patrons for the night! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who showed up and showed their support to the cause. Your generous donation and drink purchases will go a long way in helping these beneficiaries.


There! Told you Nathan Hartono was a sport! Very musically talented individual indeed.


Last but not least, meet Jonas and Anton! Two very musically talented individuals all the way from Sweden! They are part of the YS Global Tour here for a music performance! Thanks for entertaining us and we hope you enjoyed your stay here!

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