KK Kong
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Who are you? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I’m a passionate, optimistic and dedicated man who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm and a great amount of perseverance to drive myself towards success. I’m the youngest in my family of great entrepreneurs. Personally, I’m a dog lover and have a great passion for fabulous food.

What’s your story? Tell us about a life-changing incident.

I’ve literally crashed my friend’s car! It was wrecked beyond repair but I’ve walked away unscathed. It was a dawning moment for me that I’ve survived. And that kicked me into “driving” mode and life is never the same.

Why 50for50 and why now?

Giving back to society is more like a recipe for healthy and sound wellbeing. It’s a true satisfaction and meaning in life for making a difference be it on a big or small scale. I imagine this on my deathbed: which will be more meaningful to me: a range of material goods that I cannot take, or a difference that I’ve made? I want to leave a legacy.

What gets you up in the morning?

Having my passion for what I do makes it all worth the while. It’s the fuel for my motivation and is the heartbeat of my purpose. Every day I want to discover life the way I’m meant to live.

Why this cause out of so many causes?

The dilemma is that many people do not know how they want to make a difference nor do they stop to think about it or check out several options. Thinking through is a vital important step by the changemaker and it makes it easier for partner organization to contribute.

Any experiences with charity or non-profit work before?


What kind of change are you looking to bring about as a changemaker?

To set a stage for innovative, dynamic and high yield approaches to raising revenue that will create new resources, new financing streams and new revenue raising methodology for small to mid-size charity.

What is your big idea on how to raise funds for 50for50?

Charity car wash

I’m thinking of having a charity car wash that pulls in more organizations to help support charity. These vendors are organizations that usually want to help give back to society on a modest scale. These vendors shall provide discounts for their products/services to charitable customers and in return, these valued discounts will be donated to charity. These will provide higher yield of return to donors and organizations can still maintain their charity status.