Michelle Loh
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Who are you? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I am a banker by day, a passionate musician by hobby and an avid traveller! I’ve been in the corporate set up for coming 10 years! Aside from working hard, I’ve always strongly believed in having a work-life balance as it hones and develop an individual more wholesomely.

With music as my passion, my professional music / arts enthusiasts’ friends and I had collaborated on several performances previously at the Esplanade. Even till date, we continue to get together to enjoy music jamming and brainstorm ideas to support and promote the local arts scene as we feel passionate about showcasing the many talents our country has to offer.

Being an avid traveller, my husband and I love travelling to learn more about the various cultures the world has got to bring, to open up our minds to new experiences and to absorb the atmosphere.

What’s your story? Tell us about a life-changing incident.

I have been very blessed with a very supportive family throughout my life. I would not characterize what I have experienced as exactly life changing but more from the aspects of values and character shaping experiences. I have been lucky to have experienced great leaders, mentors and amazingly talented people who would willingly share their values and perspectives which are invaluable to me, and I hope to be able to emulate them and pay it forward.

Why 50for50 and why now?

The 50for50 initiative has many great causes combined together and if it is not now, then when?

1. Supporting and contributing to a charity organization; to aid in resources possible for them to continue the good causes that they are already embarking on.

2. Creating more awareness on these charity organizations amidst our community.

3. Youths coming together to make a difference in the community; a collective effort brings about more significant impact.

4. Re-positioning people’s mindset about Youth nowadays.

5. To encourage more Youths to step forward to contribute; peer encouragement and support definitely helps.

What gets you up in the morning?

My mornings are inspired by the fact that I will never know what’s going to happen during the day. My schedules are haphazard as we continue to anticipate client’s needs in the ever evolving world. I am also energized by the ability to meet with many brilliant, genuine and amazing people and amidst that, build great friendships that last a lifetime.

Why this cause out of so many causes?

Every life is precious and despite of each and every child’s varied background, I strongly believe they should be given equal opportunities in the society. aLife Ltd has set up The Caterpillar Club – a Children’s enrichment programme launched in 2007, supporting children from age 4-12 from disadvantaged families whom seek to empower, educate & equip themselves with necessary life skills. They aim to strengthen the children’s character, identity and resilience, enhance self-esteem, develop desirable social habits and equip them with the necessary life skills which will benefit them in adulthood.

The idea started out with my friend and I, both musicians by passion who wanted to provide music education to children of less privileged backgrounds. We wanted to reach out to provide a platform and to immerse them into being a part of our community as well. We see this as an opportunity to bridge gaps, improve their well-being and development. Many studies and research has shown that learning music from young facilitates the learning process even in other subjects, enhances skills as it stimulates human senses and it also gradually builds up one’s confidence. Children are our future, we had been blessed as kids and we would like to provide the opportunity to give back the same.

Any experiences with charity or non-profit work before?

My family has inculcated giving since my sister and I were young. We frequently got together with our family friends to understand what low income families and elderly requires, and we would thereafter pool our resources to cater to those needs. We would go to their homes and distribute the necessities.

During my undergraduate days in SMU, my friends and I had been involved in Charities such as with World Vision and Grace Haven where we organized camps, mentored young children and raised funds. I had also previously served as director of a Rotaract Club where we continually served to address the social needs of our communities while promoting international understanding and peace through friendship and service.

What kind of change are you looking to bring about as a changemaker?

1. To reach out to my network and community to raise awareness for aLife – The Caterpillar Club’s cause and to seek for donations.

2. At the same time, we will also be gathering voluntary music teachers whom are willing to take time off to mentor and guide the kids. These teachers will also be mentors to the children, to help develop the kids and encourage them in growth and confidence.

We are in the midst of creating a music programme for these kids. With progress, we hope to plan and organize a SG50 concert next year to showcase what these kids have achieved, in the hope that a performance will also give these kids a platform of exposure and to build their confidence. We hope to make a difference in each and every child’s life.

What is your big idea on how to raise funds for 50for50?

Social media! And by word of mouth, it’s definitely a powerful tool…