Paul Christopher Ong
Banker / DBS
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Who are you? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Now a corporate banker by trade, but my general nosiness of what’s happening in Singapore led me to co-found and run (a local lifestyle online magazine) along with some of the most talented people I know. Always exploring the new, but also loving the comforts and familiarity that this country has to offer.

What’s your story? Tell us about a life-changing incident.

I am blessed and fortunate to come from a family who supported me throughout my life. When I was 16, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to study overseas (US) for a couple of years. Though relatively young, the experience allowed me to immerse myself in a different culture, and meet people with even more diverse racial/religious/cultural backgrounds than what Singapore had to offer. Those years abroad helped to shape my thoughts, views and openness to the unfamiliar. Education in that sense was holistic and not just a classroom encounter, and I would not be who I am today if not for that experience. Reflecting on that has made me realize how fortunate I am to be able to have had that experience, and I hope in some way or form to be able to help those who aren’t as fortunate as me to experience that.

Why 50for50 and why now?

Someone sold me on the idea that those of us under 35 aren’t doing enough for charity, and I’m taking that up as a challenge. Plus it gives me an avenue for creativity.

What gets you up in the morning?


Why this cause out of so many causes?

As mentioned above, I am very fortunate to come from a good family. There are many others out there who have had to face challenges in their lives, yet have the potential to do so much, and I’m hoping that a little help goes a long way.

Any experiences with charity or non-profit work before?

I spent a week off the coast of Malaysia on a Sea Turtle conservation project with the ultimate goal to prevent extinction. Turtles are cute animals.

What kind of change are you looking to bring about as a changemaker?

That non-profit work does not have to be boring and mean solely charity dinners.

What is your big idea on how to raise funds for 50for50?