Rebekah Lin
Co-Chair, The Social Co
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Who are you? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Hi! I’m Beks to all my friends and I’m a huge lover of colourful socks. Really, I have a lot of them! I drink a lot of chai tea and I believe that good things can happen when you pair creative young minds with solutions for social causes. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, scrabble and amazing photographs so forgive me if I get super stoked when any of these are around! I believe that there is much that we can do to make the world a better place and it can start with something simple like an idea, a smile or a reassuring hug from friends.

What’s your story? Tell us about a life-changing incident.

I’ve always been fairly independent as a kid and that all changed when I was involved in a minor industrial accident that left me with 12% body burns. It was tough, having to let someone care for me, to attend to my every need as I was unable to do so myself – I was deeply humbled by nurses, therapists and all those who helped look after me and I have an amazing amount of respect for these guys. This incident taught me a lot about these wonderful caregivers and about myself too.

Why 50for50 and why now?

Why not? I’ve always wanted to do more. Whatever it is, I enjoy being busy for the right reasons. Ever since the inception of 50for50, I’ve been more than happy to trade sleeping hours to get more done – I feel that this is evidence of how much I love my job – so much so that it doesn’t feel like a job.

What gets you up in the morning?

50for50 for now. Apparently I talk about it in my sleep too.

Why this cause out of so many causes?

As mentioned above, I’ve had newfound respect for the caregivers of all causes since my accident. I believe that these people are never the most compelling cause as they could easily be misconstrued as a secondary priority. It takes so much patience, dedication and attention to detail to do this job and I would like to start with those who look after mental health patients. Major thumbs up to their work as it can be really exhausting work.

Any experiences with charity or non-profit work before?

I’ve served on the Yellow Ribbon Fund committee for 3 years and I’m now still on their children and families committee, looking out specifically for ways to support them better. This led to a couple of friends and I starting Early Reader, an in-home reading program for disadvantaged kids. In my work at the foundation, I also work with an English school in Cambodia, working on their teacher training and financial structure development schemes.

What kind of change are you looking to bring about as a changemaker?

My small ambition or hope is that at the end of this project, 50 young people will look at life a little differently. I for one am easily caught up in the business mentality and the kind of change I’m looking for is that we will all be busy for the right reasons.

What is your big idea on how to raise funds for 50for50?

I am busy thinking of ideas for our toolkit now but I intend to do this in 2 waves.

1. I will send 200 emails out asking for 100-dollar donations and at the same time, share about what CAL does and how they can extend a helping hand that goes beyond monetary terms.
2. I will also meet 20 people separately to share about this cause and implore them to support me with 50-100 dollar donations.